Stop praising dads for taking care of their own kids


A New York Times story came out after the Jan. 21 Women’s March that focused on a town in New Jersey and how many dads were left to take care of their kids while their wives went out to march.

The story, “How Vital Are Women? This Town Found Out as They Left to March,” details the fathers’ “struggle” to keep up with the usual weekend routines of sports practices, birthday parties and play dates.

They were left to handle the various weekend chores that needed attention, all while juggling the family’s schedule.

In a country where there are many households where dads are either stay-at-home while their wives are the breadwinners, are single parents themselves, or share the family responsibilities with their spouses, this story is both not newsworthy and an archaic perspective on familial roles.

Slate had a similar reaction to mine in their story: “Dads, Who are Parents, Do Not Deserve Praise for Parenting While Moms Marched.”

The story mocked the Times’ piece by praising dads for spending time with their own children.

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