Columbia City Council’s Monday Meeting


The city of Columbia meets today to consider a handful of contentious land deals and bringing a dairy farm into town.

I will be covering one landowner’s third attempt to rezone a 43-acre plot of land into residential plots.

The first two times were unsuccessful after developers pitched ideas for student-oriented housing in 2914 and 2015.

This proposal includes 10 single-family homes and 14 apartment complexes.

This item was tabled at the last meeting, as the neighborhood association for the residents who live next to the parcel said they needed more time to discuss.

Attached to the meeting’s agenda was an amendment to the deal that increased the size of the green space between the current residents and the new developments.

While this does address one of the concerns residents had with the proposal, it did not address all of them.

Two other concerns were increased traffic flow and the fate of some of Columbia’s last urban forest, according to the residents.

Despite these issues, I still expect the item to pass.

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